Our Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

Starting a PPC (Pay Per Click) account can be a daunting prospect but with our easy consultation and setup you can be up and running quickly and start acquiring highly targeted visitors to your website.

  • Consultation

    • We work with our clients to identify their business goals and identify how PPC can help hit those targets.
  • Setup

    • The inital PPC setup is vital to a high performing account.
    • Great ad copy, highly targeted keywords and an intelligent bidding strategy will allow your PPC account to achieve great results.
  • Training

    • MYND offer PPC in-house training to enable your team to manage the accounts efficiently and allow your business to strengthen its position in the market.
  • Management

    • Our PPC management guarantees your PPC account is fully optimised and performing to hit your goals.
    • Our team of PPC experts will provide you with monthly reports and update calls.

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